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We are very happy to get back to our lovely hobby! At the same time we are sorry about the break of the Highendnews publication which happened in the end of 2006. The new arrangements of the publication took some time and because this is only our hobby it took some extra time.

In the future we’ll try to be more active in review publication than before. The reviews will be some shorter and tighter than before but the format is mainly the same good one as Mikko Mattila has used during the past years. We hope this helps us to have more reviews than before without loosing any information in contents. Naturally the targets of reviews will be from the area of highend or at least from the ”border”. We like to publish only ”good news” and will avoid publishing reviews of the unsuccessful components. This can be critisized but this is our policy which we believe will give more value for all of us. Additionally when we can publish only relatively few full reviews it is reasonable that they are mainly positive.

There is only seven experienced editors among us, but this is hopefully enough to give at least a dozen reviews in a year. Additionally we’ll publish some shortcuts and blogs about the interesting issues an visits. Naturally we’ll also publish some external reviews if they fullfill our requrements and the writers want to publish them at our homepage.

The previous forewords still tells nearly all about the issue! Please read it!

HEN Editors


The Previous Forewords

Highendnews is a web publication, originally targeted for serious audiophiles in Finland. Therefore a large part of our reviews and articles are still only in Finnish. Due to popular demand we decided to extend contents with some translations of our reviews into English.

As we all believe, in high end audio, most sincere writers pursue objectivity in their writings. So do ours. In addition, we believe perception of sound is highly subjective and largely a matter of taste. Therefore our policy is: each writer represents their own subjective opinion.

All of our contributors are volunteers, with no dependencies to audio industry. They write because of love for quality audio technology and -- for music, of course. 

We are reviewing here audio equipment, which are in most cases, extremely good. The impressions and details we are highlighting in our reviews -- in good or bad, may sometimes sound exaggerated for an average audio listener. Those audiophiles, who are hunting for micro level details, are usually taking very seriously all kinds of tonal deviations. 

We want to remind you, the final sound always depends on ALL of the equipment in your audio chain. The best way to evaluate the sound of these devices, is to trust your own ears. Therefore we are also very willing to publish readers' reviews in Highendnews.

If you have this same audiophile disease as we have, we have a message to you: welcome onboard -- and in the same time, try to enjoy music, that's what really matters!




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