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  • Golden Ear Triton Reference loudspeakers.
    The choice of numerous reviewers around the world!
  • Speaker Corner Records
    Vinyl records of this very high quality brand are now available at one desk!
    Importer and dealer Hifihuone Oy
  • Magico A3 loudspekers
    Full range Magicos are now more affordable than ever!
    Dealers Hifiguru Oy & TL Audio
  • Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2
    Already tremendous series 1 speakers are even bettered now, by the series 2!
    Dealer Hifimesta
  • Magico S5 mkII! Magico has updated their S5 loudspeaker. Significant performance enhancements are realized with the implementation of new and advanced transducer and enclosure designs. Also an internal midrange enclosure, which was already seen inside the S3 delivering super clear mids, is included. For more information
    Importer and dealer Hifi Guru Oy
  • Linn Katalyst Technology is a new DAC architecture which takes remarkable steps towards perfection of digital to analog conversion. Further information:

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