Helsinki Audio & Vision Expo 2005

Mikko Mattila
Ari-Martti Pohtola
Jari Puhakka
Photos: Mikko Mattila

Published Sept 19, 2005

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Hifi Magazine's Audio & Vision Expo was held September 17-18th in Hotel SAS Radisson in Helsinki downtown.

Audio Hellman presented JM L
ab Grande Utopia Bes (70000/pair) at their Finnish debut. Bes had a  microscopic resolution with a huge visceral impact.

Grande Utopias
were feeded by Audio Analogue preamp (2350) and monoblocks (16700)

Another JM Lab Electra Be/ Audio Analogue system with a very promising sound. Be refers to the beryllium tweeter

Audio Analogue's product lineup

udiostar presented a system consisting of Ensemble loudspeakers, Accuphase C406 integrated, DD77 player and Nordost Thor power distribution (3000). On top the Michell Gyro SE.

revasse brought an upgraded version of it's ribbon loudspeaker seen here last year. The upgraded version has new Mundorf coils and the bass unit has 15 kg more mass than the earlier version

Crevasse's Lutz Reinhardt (right) discussing with Ari-Martti Pohtola of Highendnews. Crevasse's roots are in an early music instrument workshop which expanded into loudspeakers manufacturing

ruunuradio, the oldest hifistore in Helsinki, presented Michell's Odyssey/ Technoarm combination with an Aria cartridge

Naim CDX2 (4300) and NAC282 preamp (4600) on the right.


Naim's Ariva and Allae loudspeakers, 2000 and 3500/pair respectively

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