Hifi and Home Theater Exhibition 2005, Malmo, Sweden

Jarmo Aulen
Photos: Jarmo Aulen

Published November 1, 2005

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Swedish Hifi and Home Theater Exhibition 2005 was held in October 22-23 at SAS Radisson hotel in Malmo, the third biggest city in Sweden.
First impression was that there were little bit less home theater rooms and little bit more 2 channel rooms and high end as few years ago.

Local PL Audio had speakers from Focal and Von Schweikert together with electronics from Audionet, Pathos, Lavardin, dCS and NorthStar. System what was demoed most contained Focal 1007 Be speakers, dCS P8i CD/SACD player and Lavardin IT and Pathos Logos integrated amplifiers.
Just few rooms away Audionord had Wilson Audio – Audio Research – Nottingham demo, which included Wilson Audio Sophia speakers, Audio Research CD3 Mk II CD player, Reference 210 monoblocks, Reference 3 pre amp and Nottingham turntable. Cables and power distribution were from Nordost. Second system contained Audio Physic Tempo speakers, Krell SACD Standard CD/SACD player and Krell KAV-400xi integrated amplifier.
Jamo’s new Reference R 909 spekers were shown together with Esoteric DV-50 universal player and Holfi pre and power amplifiers.


Swedish Primare Systems introduced their new A32 power amplifier. It was so new that at the time of the exhibition only 6 power amps were manufactured. Rest of the system in Primare room included System Audio Explorer speakers and of course Primare universal player and pre amp.


Norwegian Electrocompaniet demoed their AW 400 monoblocks, EC 4.7 pre amp and EMC 1 CD player. Spekers were Usher Dancer CP 8571 II’s.
Hifi Art / Quality Audio had two systems in their room. First system was Kharma CE 3.1 speakers, Rogue Audio 99 pre amp and Stereo 90 power amp and Simaudio Moon Enigma CD player, and second system contained Living Voice speakers and eletronics from Roksan.
Skilfing cones were demoed together with Micromega electronics, Vifa speakers and REL subwoofers.

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