TL-Audio Open Doors and Opus Show

by Keijo Tanskanen

Mr Tapani Lappi is a widely known and respected audio dealer and audiophile in Finland. During his long time audio career he has sold a lot of high-end stuff and has given almost 24 hours/7 days phone service! Tapani’s work has been anyway quite hard and his health is no longer as good as it was couple of years ago. But still he goes on, and on Saturday 7.12.2007 he arranged an open doors event in his office. This time he presented two budget class high-end systems and Transparent Opus cables (not connected into either of the systems) for the visitors. So, the event was a must for me.

Because I had heard the presented systems before I focused more on the huge and impressive cable box on the floor. The box was opened and the luxury Transparent Opus interconnects and speaker cables lied on soft foam, like Black Mambas. What a beautiful view for audiophiles!

It was a very first time Transparent Opus cables were in Finland. The reason for that is very likely their incomprehensibly high price, although Euro is nowadays very strong against Dollar. But that is naturally a minor issue for the customer who already had reserved those cables! I have listened to all the MM Technology Transparent cables but Reference MM speaker cables, Opus interconnects and Opus speaker cables. Those listening experiences among the others have revealed to me the fact that Transparent seems to be clearly among the best audio cable brands in the world.

Because of the huge price, which is clearly unnecessary to mention here, and the safe delivery, some guidance was written on the box: “The cables have been sold, don’t touch!”, “Every customer who’ll buy a Transparent Opus cable set will have Fiat Stilo Wagon (2005) or Ducati 999 (2006) and a holiday trip (for 2 persons abroad) free of charge!” Doesn’t that tell something!

Personally I can only respect enthusiasts who can afford and have courage to do this kind of audio cable purchases. I can only imagine the whole system – it must be damn good!!!

Naturally I listened to the presented audio systems as well. On one hand the Burmester set gave faster, more accurate and controlled listening results but on the other hand the Audio Physic Tempo VI &Audio Aero set gave a bit airier sound and a bit bigger sonic picture. Cleverly chosen alternatives indeed!

The presented systems were:

System one:
Audio Aero Prima CD player
Audio Aero Prima integrated amplifier
Audio Physic Tempo VI speakers
Transparent Ultra interconnects
Transparent Music Wave speaker cables
Transparent Power Link Super power cords

System two:
Burmester Rondo 052 CD player
Burmester Rondo 051 integrated amplifier
Burmester 995 mk III speakers
Burmester 948 power filter
Transparent Reference interconnects
Transparent Music Wave Plus speaker cables
Transparent Power Link Super power cords

The first visitors are in!